Modern Smart Side Table with Built-in Fridge, Wireless Charging Module, Mechanical Temperature Control, Power Socket, USB Interface, Outlet Protection, and More

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This smart side table is built to develop multipurpose pieces that benefit your home and help enhance your lifestyle. It's not just nice to look at, it's also well-equipped with a built-in fridge, a wireless charger, and even a variety of charging ports. Perfect for most bedrooms or living rooms.

1.Refrigerated storage room, food partition storage without odor

In the smart side table, the two storage drawers are set as refrigerated storage drawers, which can store beer coke, tea, fruits, snacks, etc. enjoy their respective partitions, and accurately adjust the temperature and treasure. Adjustable refrigerator temperature range: drawer 37-46°F.

2.Design of high-efficiency compressor refrigeration system

The smart side table adopts the design of the compressor mechanical direct cooling system. In the working state, it can automatically adjust the switching time according to the changes of the internal and external temperature of the refrigerator and the amount of store food.

3.Power socket

The smart side table is equipped with a power socket, which can provide users with electricity needs for various living room appliances. The power socket is equipped with a safety switch.