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AC / DC Switching Power Supply


The Switching Power Supply (SPS) are intended to supply home applications or IT equipment and office equipment or medical devise with safe extra low voltage, the SPS is directly plugged into wall socket and connected with device through the DC output cable.

Observe and follow the instructions and cautions as follows. Otherwise SPS damage and / or serious injury may occur, save instructions for further reference.



1.Only connect with supply voltage equal to the voltage shown on the SPS;

2.Only connect with a load which does not exceed the rated load of the SPS;

3.Only use the SPS in conjunction with recommended products;

4.Duty crcle: max 10%, Max T_ON 2 minutes.

Ambient Conditions:

  • Operating temperature: 0℃ ~ 30℃
  • Operating relative humidity: 20%~95%
  • Storage temperature: 0℃ ~ 60℃
  • Storage relative humidity: 20%~95%
  • Do not operate near fire or in high temperature ambient;
  • Do not use this SPS in a dusty ambient;
  • Only operate the SPS in dry rooms indoors;
  • Do not expose to water or other conductive liquid electric shock hazard.


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