Reclining upholstered manual puller in faux leather, Brown 72.83*38.58*40.16

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(1) High quality furniture: adopt the unique collision color sewing thread design, bid farewell to the traditional design with the same color and thread. Black faux leather and white lines cover this modern reclining sofa for a comfortable ride (2) Living room: This sofa works well with single sofa or other types

of chairs. Dimensions 72.83 feet wide x38.58 feet deep x40.16 feet high

(3) Style and material: the use of thickened headrest, so that you can

better fit the head range in the process of use; The two positions can raise the foot position to achieve all-round lying flat, and the middle is equipped with a cup holder, which can load drinks and other snacks in the family viewing

(4) Assembled: The package has been perfectly assembled in the process of purchase and transportation and delivered to your home in time through a 38.58 inch or wider door


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