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Smart Shower, Colorful Life

Enjoy a new level of luxury with CASAINC Smart Shower System. It features body jets for a relaxing massage, LED lights to set the mood, and a digital shower interface for easy control. The thermostatic shower keeps your water at the perfect temperature.
LED Shower

Discover the smart way to shower with our LED collection. Connect via Bluetooth and turn your shower into a musical escape, making every shower an event to look forward to.

Body Jet Shower

Enjoy a refreshing and complete full-body shower with multiple body sprays and a targeted neck massage function, Casainc's body jet shower system always brings new and different shower experiences.

Digital Shower

Experience the future of showering with the Casainc digital shower. With a real-time temperature display, enjoy the convenience of modern technology and the perfect shower temperature at your fingertips.

Shower in Style

Create your dream luxurious bathroom together with Casainc. From modern bathroom faucets and multi-function shower systems to elegant bathtubs and freestanding bathtub faucets, Casainc is committed to providing a full range of bathroom products for every home. Discover how Casainc can help you design a bathroom that combines comfort and style now.

Luxury Shower Systems

Features thermostatic control, a rainfall showerhead, and built-in LED lighting for a consistently comfortable shower experience.



Offers an ergonomic design, and a freestanding style for maximum comfort, soothing massage, and modern elegance.


Bathroom Faucets

Includes sink faucet with waterfall spout, and bathtub faucet with a handheld showerhead, providing precise control for a serene filling experience.

6-Function Luxury Shower System

Large Overhead Top Spray: 27.56 * 15.75 inch 

Adjustable Sliding Rod

64-color LED Lights & Music Playback

6-Function: Rain, Waterfall, Mist, Rotating Massage, Side Body Spray, Handheld Jet Spray

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Inspired by Casainc Shower Systems

Rectangle Thermostatic Complete Shower System with LED Lights & Slide Bar
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