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Jan 22,2022 | CASAINC

Once you walk into a furniture store, you are overwhelmed by the wide array of furniture. When you are overwhelmed by the appearance of these furniture, have you ever thought of buying a piece of furniture back? Before buying furniture, do you know how to choose furniture? And what should you pay attention to when choosing furniture?


1. The material of furniture to be environmentally friendly

From the material up, furniture can be divided into: solid wood furniture, panel furniture, steel furniture, plastic furniture, fabric furniture, rattan, has been the modern popular paper furniture, etc.. No matter what kind of material furniture, the primary guarantee must be healthy. When buying furniture, you can check the relevant quality inspection reports to ensure that the furniture you buy is healthy and environmentally friendly.


2.The smell should not irritate


Environmentally friendly furniture should be free of irritating odors that irritate the eyes, nose and throat. If you find an irritating smell once you smell the furniture, you need to pay attention. The heavier the irritating smell, the higher the content of formaldehyde may be. However, there are some furniture even if the smell is not heavy, the material is still substandard. Therefore, before buying, be sure to ask the merchant to show the relevant environmental protection certificate.


3. The paint should be smooth


After smelling the smell, you also need to take a closer look at the sub paint. Paint is also closely related to the health condition of the human body. You need to feel it with your hands, you need to pay attention to whether the paint is smooth, whether the paint is wrinkled, there is no paint loss. Generally regular manufacturers of furniture, in terms of paint is done with great care.


4. Four feet is flat


Whether you buy a bed, buy a sofa, or buy a closet, buy a dining table, the four feet of the furniture is flat is a must and a prerequisite requirement. When checking out the furniture, you can shake it or sit on it and try it out. If you make a sound, be aware that such furniture may not be solid.


5. Water content and local level


Because the moisture content of furniture wood is affected by its origin, and moisture content higher than the average moisture content of the use of the region of more than 1% of the furniture will appear cracking, deformation, falling apart, warping and other phenomena, so it is best to buy furniture produced by enterprises with good drying process, local or foreign production does not matter, the key is its moisture content to be consistent with the use of the average moisture content of the region.


6. Whether the sealing edge is flat


The sealing edge is not flat, indicating that the inner material is wet, and the sealing edge will fall off in a few days. Edge sealing should also be rounded corners, not straight edges and corners. The edges sealed with wooden strips are prone to moisture or crumbling. If the furniture is wrapped in plywood, the wrapping is nailed with nails, so pay attention to whether the nail eye is flat and whether the color of the nail eye is consistent with the rest. Usually the nail holes are sealed with putty, so pay attention to whether the putty bulges up, such as bulging up means that it does not work, slowly putty will fall out from inside. Whether the edge sealing is flat is also an important factor to examine a manufacturer, poor quality of small manufacturers with manual sealing, if the plate, but also in the precision saw quality is too poor, plate sealing with openings, the purchase should pay special attention.