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What are the advantages of rattan sofa?How to maintain rattan sofa?

Mar 31,2023 | CASAINC

Rattan sofa are increasingly favored by people, it can not only be placed outdoors, but also a good way to decorate the balcony. A sunny afternoon in a rattan sofa to read a book, is definitely a pleasant thing. Rattan sofa so good, how much do you know about rattan sofa?

The Advantages of Rattan Sofa

  • Health and Environmental ProtectionRattan sofa health environmental protection, natural and fresh, but also both comfortable and practical, not easy to mold. It has the characteristics of easy cleaning, environmental protection and UV resistance.
  • Suitable for Hot SummerRattan sofa breathable, heat dissipation,  and rattan help to calm the mind. If you use rattan art sofa in the summer living room and outdoors, it is helpful to sleep.
  • Strong and DurableRattan is a natural material, with strong and lightweight, not afraid to squeeze, soft and flexible, etc., with it made of rattan sofa is also very strong and durable.

Rattan Sofa Maintenance Method

1,Avoid Direct Sunlight:Prolonged exposure to sunlight will make the rattan sofa dry, loose or even off, and also yellowing, becoming old and unattractive. Therefore, we suggest pull on the curtains in order to separated from the sun in summer or hot dry season.

2,Away from Heat Sources:winter heater is a great spell of rattan furniture, often close to high temperature. This is the same truth of direct sunlight, you must remember to keep the rattan sofa away from these heat sources. If it can not be avoided, then put on the insulation pad.

3,Keep Ventilation and Avoid Moisture:Pure natural rattan has the natural characteristics of plants and absorbs water. If the home is humid for a long time, the moisture in the air will make the rattan furniture become soft, deformed and easy to mold, so you should ventilate often to maintain the home dry.

4,Insect Control and Dust RemovalYou can try to use fresh salt water to wipe rattan furniture supplies, which can be decontaminated, and can make its flexibility to maintain a long time, but also can have a certain anti-brittle, anti-moth effect. The dust between the gaps should be cleaned with a paint brush or a vacuum cleaner. The cleaning agent or solvent that destroys the surface of the rattan furniture should not be used to wipe it.