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What are the skills when choosing pergolas for different industries and places?

Mar 25,2023 | CASAINC

The reasonable application of pergolas can bring a lot of convenience to our life, its efficient shading effect can reduce the indoor temperature and reduce energy consumption. With the change of the shape of the pergolas, as well as the improvement of the function, it is applied to more and more industries and places. Now, when choosing pergolas, users have to decide the products they buy based on the function and shape requirements, combined with practicality. Here, we will introduce what are the differences between different industries in choosing pergolas.

1. Commercial Use

A pergola is a shade system that provides protection from the elements and the sun. This technique is used in many traditional commercial locations to avoid direct sunlight and also to provide a degree of shade. For commercial use, then pergolas can make great advertising signs. The appearance of this type of pergola is very demanding, not only to be aesthetically pleasing, but also to match the class of the business so that the pergola can become a highlight in front of the door. The better choices are French canopies, curved canopies and fixed canopies.


2. Villa Balcony Use

  With the increasing popularity of villa balconies, more and more people choose to build pergolas in their own gardens. If it is a beautiful villa balcony use, then retractable pergolas and French shed is a better choice. Because the retractable pergolas not only covers a large area, after closing up can also make better use of the balcony space. And the beautiful French shed can make the villa balcony looks more beautiful.

3. Car Pergolas

With the development of the automobile industry, car pergolas have become standard equipment for many vehicles. Especially for those who need to drive a lot and need a good view, it is very necessary to have a car pergolas that can block the sun. If you are choosing a car pergolas, then just choose a conventional parking shelter, which not only shades the sun, but also protects you from the wind and rain, so that your car has a safe haven.

5. Rooftop with Large Area

For larger rooftops, a canopy is your first choice. The canopy can well block the sunlight and ultraviolet rays outside your room, thus reducing the indoor temperature and reducing the energy consumption of air conditioning. At the same time, the canopy is now produced with electric control function, which can be freely unfolded and retracted, allowing you to enjoy the sunshine anytime and anywhere.


6. Factory Shade

If it is used for factory shading, then we recommend the use of sliding pergolas. Because the price of the sliding pergolas is very affordable, very easy to use, the location of the effortless transfer. And now the production of pergolas, not only has a very good shading ability, but also has a certain function of rain protection.


In short, different industries and different occasions in the selection of  pergolas, are from the function and cost performance, because only then can you choose the most suitable for their products, otherwise it may cause great economic losses. I hope this article is helpful to everyone.