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How to Choose a Good Faucet?

Feb 20,2023 | CASAINC

 As we all know, the general bathtub mixer is a single-handle faucet with both bath and shower functions, its main body is made of high-quality brass casting with a finely decorated electroplated ceramic spool in its spout position with a reversing device that allows the mixed water flow to change direction either directly into the bath or from the hose to the shower spray. The following is an introduction to the bathtub mixer classification and selection techniques.


Ⅰ.Bath taps are divided according to function: bath taps and shower taps

        <   Bathroom Faucet   >

It is installed above one side of the bath and is used to open a mixture of hot and cold water. It can be connected to both hot and cold pipes called duplex type; the water flow structure of the opening and closing are spiral lift type, metal ball valve type, ceramic spool type, and so on. Currently on the market is more ceramic spool type single handle bath faucet. It uses a single handle to adjust the water temperature, easy to use; the ceramic spool makes the faucet more durable and does not leak. The bathtub mixer's body is mostly brass and has a chrome-plated, gold-plated exterior and various metal baking lacquers.


             <   Shower faucets   >

It is installed above the shower and is used to open the hot and cold water mixture. The body of the valve is also mostly made of brass and has a chrome-plated or gold-plated appearance. The water flow can be opened and closed using a screw lift, ceramic spool, etc. Shower taps are available with a hose shower and a wall-mounted shower, with special features such as thermostatic taps, filters, and pull-out hoses, all of which have different requirements when it comes to installation.



 Type of control: single handle double control, double handle double control, thermostatic control


a.Single handle double control mixer

It mainly refers to using a single tap spool to control the hot and cold water and regulate the temperature of the water in the bath.

b.Two-handle, two-control mixer

It essentially means that cold and hot water is controlled by two separate tap spools.

c.Thermostatically controlled taps

By setting the temperature, the tap controls the water temperature itself. When the temperature is higher than the temperature set by the thermostatically controlled faucet, the thermostatic valve stops the water from coming out of the water heater and when the temperature is lowered, the water heater will automatically ignite again.


Ⅱ. The bathtub faucet purchase knowledge

a.Styling options

The handles and outlet pipes of the taps come in a variety of shapes, most streamlined, with a variety of straight or curved tap shapes to match the minimalist style of the décor. The height of the taps and showerheads needs to be calculated when installing them so that they are easy to use when bathing.


     Appearance    >


The chrome plating process on the surface of a good tap is very delicate and generally goes through several processes to complete. To distinguish a good tap from a bad one, look at its brightness, the smoother and brighter the surface, the better the quality.



That is all I want to share with you!  If you have any other good suggestions, please leave them in our comments section.